Lesson 4: How to run an excellent online meeting.

You have listened to the vision of journey of generosity, read about the goal for the gathering and downloaded the manual. It is time to prepare yourself for our online meeting. You have already been in many online gatherings and learn rom mistake and success. We want this to be a success for you.

In the next module you can go through the program for our five hours gathering. We will talk and discuss together, read article, see stories generous people and reflect on what we can learn from them.

To make the online meeting the best for you we have some rouls for the meeting. This are:

  1. Secure high-speed internet.
  2. Find a quiet place to be during the course and have something to drink with you place.
  3. Please turn of mail to come up all the time.
  4. When you do not speak mute the sound
  5. When we go to look at a film you take of bothe your camera and sound.
  6. If you want to ask question, click on the sign hand in you chat where you see your name.
  7. Film links will be given in the chat room and all people will look at the film separately on his or her computer.

You probably are looking forward to seeing the program. Move on. then you find the link to the zoom webinar.