Lesson 2. What could be your next step.

  1. Develop your generosity and collaboration with others.

What you have seen in the film is people who have taken some new steps and choices in their life. In the Journey of Generosity retreat you have been challenging with the task of:

  • Invite the Holy Spirit to speak to you about this experience.
  • What does He want you to take away from this time?
  • Journal one or more next steps in your giving journey and your journey with Jesus.

We encourage you to continue this journey We also encourage you to see more of the films about generosity. You find them on the recourse website of generosity path. https://www.generositypath.org/resources

You find also more information about recourses in your participates manual.

2. Next Step: Giving plan retreat.

Those who attend a Journey of Generosity often emerge with a deep knowledge of why to give. Yet, they may have many questions about how to give, such as:

  • How can I involve my family in my giving?
  • How do I know where God wants me to give?
  • How do I identify my giving passions?
  • How can I build a healthy relationship with the churches, ministries, or people to whom I give?

Around the world, we gather Journey of Generosity “alumni” to explore these questions in a safe, biblically grounded environment.

Please see the film to understand more


3. Celebration of Generosity

The Celebration of Generosity brings together a larger group of givers from across a region. We gather in places such as Hong Kong, London, India, Singapore, Czech Republic, and South Africa. These events are locally-run and supported. The audience primarily consists of affluent Christians eager to learn from God’s Word, reflect on their giving, and discuss giving informally with true peers. This experience gathers givers for encouragement, inspiration, and to consider ways to excel even more in the grace of giving.